People of all sets and across geographies, this is an important time we are living to welcoming Sri Rama Rajya!  

It was a time, or a period, when Sri Rama ruled Ayodya. Under the benevolence of Sri Ram, it remained a golden period for people across the earth.  Has that just happened because he was the son of King Dhasarath?, or did it just happen because he had no enemies? Beyond all that, Sri Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, or Sriman Narayana himself.

Whenever Sriman Narayana incarnates, as read in the Ithihasa or Purana, he remains pure as yogi, and there is no karmic effect for any of his actions because he is a being from above all timelines. Whichever way his incarnation comes into existence on earth, he will possess all supernatural, healing, and yoga powers. There is no way the Lord Narayana can appear without all that, and there is no way he can have that all separated or left behind and appear. That’s why we call it an incarnation!!

Now let us understand whether Sri Ram remined vegetarian or not?

Fundamentally, people of the earth must understand that higher-dimensional beings may not have the basic human natures of hunger, sleep, and thirst, and therefore they will complete their purpose of visit without a great material drive or attachments.  

If one can relate the above to a few yogis in the Himalayas who eat leaves and live without hunger for a few days, Actor Rajinikanth once lived for a few days eating only leaves in the caves of the Himalayas.

330 years ago, Swami Ragavendra once encountered an offer of meat by Nawab of Adoni and transformed that into fruits just by sprinkling water with his holy power.So, how do these skills work, either just by eating a few leaves or by sprinkling water with a holy vision? Kindly note that these are just traces of the yoga power that comes along with higher beings, especially Sri Ram.

We are currently in Kali Yuga; if some of these exhibitable yogic powers can still be felt and are achievable for a common man, then imagine the level of yogic skills in Tretha yuga, and particularly with Sri Ram himself.

So, when Guha on the banks of the Ganges offered fish and meat to SriRam, he would have transformed that into fruits. Kshatriyas with mere fighting physique and Kshatriyas with supernatural powers must be read in history differently. Kindly note that Sri Ram was never a normal Kshatriya king. While Sri Rama visited Gautama Maharishi Ashram, his thumb of the right leg touched a rock to release a curse of Ahalya to give her the original form. This was an example of his yogic intensity and his supernatural power to decode anything. It is understood that to perform such a deed, one must remain pure in mind and body.

Generally, yogis of that quality will talk a little, eat a little, and always live very content. That is exactly matching the character of Sri Ram we know. Especially since Sri Ram was an incarnation of Sriman Narayana, there is no way he would have accepted meat just by birth in a dynasty or for any material needs.

There could be some misunderstanding about offerings at homa and yagna, and that may have been wrongly presumed as higher-dimensional being’s eating habits. But what is being offered there will all reach his abode in a gaseous form. The core of the genetic system and all biological materials across the universe originate from him and settle back to him. Therefore, Sri Ram being a Kshatriya and in human form, it doesn’t mean that he would have eaten meat.

Kindly ask this question again and again to yourself, what it required more from earth for Sri Ram to become a might, beyond what he possess naturally?

We have made this subject a debatable only for peoples convenience and acceptance. 

Hence, whatever the reference texts and books available these days revealing Bharat history must be read with a pinch of salt.


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