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Every individual was created with a ‘sixth’ sense which is commonly known as the sense of intuition or instinct. Intuition can be described as being able to discern a specific thing without a need for any special reasoning, it is sometimes otherwise referred to as ‘hunches’ also.
Intuition was created in us to guide, protect and also help us to discern properly in everyday life. As such, it is considered as a very important part of life. However, if this skill is not properly and frequently used, it can be said to diminish over time. Therefore, it is quite essential to keep on use of this skill to prevent the occurrence of such.


Various Means to enhance intuition


The spiritual aspect of a person is said to be closely associated with a sense of intuition. Meditation is also very much associated with the spiritual lifestyle as it has been shown to be very beneficial in ensuring that individuals benefit from a general state of wellness. Accessing power places to enhance intuition is very key to ensuring this general state of wellness in the body. It is therefore of no surprise that meditation is closely associated with the enhancement of a higher state of intuition in people. To learn how to meditate you can take special ayurveda training, read books or find your spiritual teacher.
Meditation requires your body losing a bit of consciousness deliberately. There are several states of consciousness which a body can imbibe, they are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Beta is a normal level of consciousness. Alpha is relaxed awareness, theta is a state of meditative trance, and delta is a state of transcendental experience. The state most affected by meditation is the Alpha state. Full enhancement of this state through meditation will also help with the sharpening of an individual’s intuition thereby creating more awareness for the individual.

Living in the present

A very vital component to establishing a greater sense of intuition is by ensuring that you program your mind and soul to remain in the present state of things. Establishing a good sense of intuition is quite difficult if the mind is left in the past or in the future.
This is derived from the quote which infers that depression can be as a result of remaining in the past while being in the future can result in an anxious state of mind with peace being the result of being in the present. Intuition is most effective in the present mode for individuals as only then can you fully understand the signals being sent to your mind.

Aromatherapy Works!

The proper utilization of aromatherapy has also been proven to be quite effective in creating a higher sense of intuition in individuals. By aromatherapy, it is simply meant that you can use various types of herbs, oils and even fragrances to fully achieve your desired result. Certain herbs and oils have been shown to have a specific energy signature and effect on the bio-energetic body leading to an increase in the awareness level of such an individual.
These herbs and oils can be used in different forms such as incense, brewed teas or as essential oils. Examples of these herbs and oils include peppermint, rose, lemongrass, mugwort, sandalwood, and many others.

Diet intake

It is basic knowledge that your actions can be determined by what you take in. Natural substances are particularly very potent in these cases. There are some herbal substances that have been shown to fully affect different aspects of an individual’s system, including emotional, mental and spiritual lives. Plants are very important in this aspect and are most often taken in smaller doses to prevent a hyper effect of the herbs on the body.
There are certain specific substances that are sometimes taken with regards to developing intuition. Examples of these healing herbs include; Reishi Mushroom which is quite effective for enhancement of consciousness. Gotu Kola for Increasing Intuitive Awareness, Lavender for Aligning Your Third Eye, Ginkgo for Access to Ancient Wisdom. Constant intake of these substances helps to increase the level of intuitiveness in individuals.

Tea making

One ancient mode of developing intuition which has stood the test of time is the tea making art. There is a popular belief that believes that you can get all the answers you want by looking into your teacups to find answers in the tea leaves.
As such, over the years, there have been various types of herbs brewed into teas that have served the function of increasing an individual’s intuition level. It is believed that tea is best made in a closed vessel as when you brew tea this way, you allow the beautiful aromatic qualities to recirculate back into the liquid.
There are various herbs which can be made into brewed teas, they include; Calendula, Chamomile, Fennel and many more of such herbs categories.


“Having a good sense of intuition is very essential in everyday living and as such proper emphasis should be placed on developing one. By following these guidelines, you can be assured of a more developed sense of intuition in you.”

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