Here is a fascinating story about my journey with Sri Ram Mandir Construction!

When Sri Ram decides to keep you in his scheme of things, it is the greatest mercy one can get from him.

It is way back in 2016, during December, on a Thursday, my good old friend named Shri. Gopalakrishnan came to my office and said, a Hanuman Ubhasak (Ubhasak means a fortune teller with Lord Hanuman as his Ishta Devtha) in Gunaseelam Srinivasa Temple in Trichy, has received a message from Lord Hanuman that, “he would want to help speed up the construction of Sri Ram Mandir, and render all necessary help if the government initiates it” was the message. Therefore, he wanted my help, as I am in a media-related business, to somehow get this message reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office. Further, my friend said that “he will be getting Archana Prasada soon from the Gunaseelam Temple which can be taken along with the message to the PMO”.

Upon hearing it from my friend, an immediate question came to my mind was Why this message came to me and How? And the other thing that was lingering in my mind was, should this message be kept secretly that being divine? I barely had any contacts in PMO then. But I wanted to try it out with the options I had, and I told my friend confidently, let’s try our level best.

For a moment, it looked like a tall order in both senses, one to take up this task, and another one was that the temple construction itself had been pending for years together, and there was a case in the Supreme Court. Also, Shri.Yogi Adithyanath wasn’t a Chief Minister at that point in time.

Two days after, on Saturday at 6:30 a.m., and I was in Gurunanak College Velacherry, located in Chennai, along with my friends. A co-parent and friend of mine, Shri. Srinivasan, called me up to his car and handed over a photo of Lord Srinivasa of Gunaseelam Temple. He told me that he went there couple of days ago and brought us all a photo to each one of us. I did not believe my own eyes; it was the same temple being referred by Gopalakrishan couple of days before. At that moment, I thought it could be a divine message and the time was really hurrying me up to pay attention. So, I asked my friend Srinivasan to give me one more photo of the Lord Srinivasa, just as a fallback plan to send it to PMO, in case the originally planned Prasada takes time to reach me because the Gunaseelam Temple is located 350 km far away from Chennai.

On Sunday, I called Shri MRV, he was once introduced to me by a vice-chairman of a corporate company, where I thought he could have an access to the PMO, and hence handing over the Lord Srinivasa Photo and Prasada could be made easier. When I spoke to him, he asked me to come to his office in Chennai on Wednesday of the same week, and gave a time around 11:30 a.m to meet. On the other hand, I did not inform Gopalakrishnan about the Wednesday meeting either, because I wasn’t sure that the Prasada from the temple would reach by then due to short notice. All I realized was that time is really pushing me to act quickly.  On that Wednesday, I sat in my car with the photo of the Lord to meet MRV and was just about to put on the gear. Surprisingly, I received a call from Gopalakrishnan, confirming the receipt of Prasada from Gunaseelam Temple. I was really stunned at how the Prasada came on time and so quickly. It was really a thrilling moment. Once again, I really got excited as time speeded up things for the construction of the Sri Ram Mandir.

Hence, I went to see Gopalakrishnan to collect the Archana Prasada and continued to meet MRV, I shortly narrated the whole matter to him and emphasized the importance of sending the message and Prasada to the PMO. Also I told him to request the PM to visit the Gunaselam Srinivasa Temple at once.

Incidentally, on the same day that the Prasada reached me and was handed over to MRV, our beloved PM was in Andhra Pradesh to meet Shri.Chandarbabu Naidu, and later that evening, the Prime Minister went to take a Dharshan of Lord Sri Srinivasa at Tirumala Tirupathi.   For the reader’s kind information, the Gunaseelam Srinivasan Temple is also otherwise called as Then (south) Tirupathi.  Once again, the time’s impeccable precision has thrilled me connecting everyone including our PM to visit the Tirumala Temple without taking much strain.

MRV has promised to make the best efforts to send the Prasada to the PMO, but he was not sure of meeting the Prime Minister in person to convey the message.  A week later, he called me and informed that the Prasad had been sent to the PMO.

Later, days and months went by, Shri.Yogi Adithyanath formed a government, the Supreme Court passed the judgment, and later things all moved legitimately for the construction of Sri Ram Mandir.

On the evening of the Supreme Court verdict, Shri. Parasaran, the advocate who stood strong at the court at the age of 90, narrated that there were hundreds of monkeys who came from nowhere to his house and shook up the tree branches out of great joy. It is clearly evident that Lord Hanuman monitored every movement on this matter and paid attention.

As the first starter for the grand construction of Sri Ram Mandir, the foundation stone laying ceremony was initiated, and our PM was all set to lay the foundation stone. On his way to the foundation stone laying, he went to the Lord Hanuman Temple in Ayodhya to take dharshan.  It was a COVID Pandamic period; everyone was asked to wear a mask of N95 equivalent, and the PM was also to wear a face mask by default. After taking a darshan in Hanuman Temple, he went about going around the Hanuman sanctum. At this moment, it perfectly caught the eyes of a journalist to snap our PM.

Interestingly, the very same day, one of the images shared on social media went viral, which was trolling the PM after his darshan at Hanuman Temple. Please refer to the picture below.

Unbelievably, see how time connects things again! The time has used the mockery makers themselves to reveal the universal truth of “who was really behind the construction of Sri Ram Mandir”. Just refer the image, believe your own eyes that it was certainly Lord Hanuman himself came in the form of our Prime Minister to lay the foundation stone for the Sri Ram Temple. Kindly remember, after all, everything started with Hanuman himself at the Gunaseelam Temple.

It was even more surprising to see the countless mercies of the Lord Ram and Hanuman, who included me and the handpicked few to take part in the larger scheme of things and the construction of the Sri Ram Temple. It is a rare chance and a blessing from the Lord. Surely, it will remain long in my memory, and I will cherish it forever.

Welcome to Ram Rajya @2024!!

Under Sri Ram’s benevolence, for the entire period of his rule, people have cherished all the good memories of love, affection, and happiness that were spread and felt across the universe. The love and affection carried by the people for Sri Ram have come back in abundance. It is a great blessing of time that we are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the feel-good factor with Sri Ram, on his new homecoming at Ayodhya.

Let’s make it a Year-to-Year Celebration!

Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram—Rajaram!!!


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