Be a vegetarian. Why?


From the ancient manuscripts and folklores, it is believed that the creation of mankind is to head the biological system of the earth. The very purpose is to preserve its resources and transfer to future generations and to ensure its continuity and longevity.

The evolution of human life and the longevity depends on the intellectual ability that creates a sustainability within.

The intellectual ability in better terms, retaining the human quality as it is with the natural genetic behaviour, which is very rich in its model.  This ability helps in evolving our thought process to clearly understand the material science, space, universe and beyond.

It is absolutely necessary that every human must retain that quality to take part in the human continuity.


The human body is a structurally fantastic design and it is a machine by itself made from energy sources of the universe. The physical, chemical and the biological compositions with an inbuilt genetic behaviour help every human to connect with the eternity easily. The above-defined system certainly proves its mettle with the given intellect and opportunity, be it material or spiritual.   The best results in life happen when the entire body cooporate with the thought and its intuitive commands to take direction.   It is important to remain in “Purity of Thought” always to get the intended results.

Food plays a vital role in triggering our energy system and directly connects our Body, Mind and the Intellect together.  So it is important to carefully choose our food without a foreign behavioural influence to remain pure and perfect in our thought process.

The food system we have been practising time-to-time will have a greater effect changing our thoughts and has a direct implication to our mind and desires. Hence, there is an enormous restriction applied to our food system right from the ancient days to choose right foods which do not dilute our inborn intellectual abilities.


According to the greater understanding of evolution theory; every plant, species, and microorganisms live side-by-side with human are too have a genetic model and an independent behaviour.  In line with the astrobiological understanding, those can be classified as “Energy Independent Sources” and “Energy Dependent Sources”.


  • The energy independent sources are species which have stronger inner dynamics and behaviour to move on their own to be in its evolutionary process. (viz., insects, bees, reptiles, birds and animals) These are very rich in individual characteristics on par with humans.
  • The energy dependent sources never move on its own, has lesser inner dynamics and behaviour, (viz., Plants of all kinds) and can take part in its evolutionary process only with the support of other energy systems.  These are considered to be having lesser characteristics comparing the humans.

This thorough understanding is what made our ancient civilisations to classify human as the special species on the earth by positioning themselves in the middle of the two sources to evolve on human continuity.



The energy independent sources termed as food will have a larger influence in humans mind and body, by slowly changing the genetics and takes control over the natural behaviour to exhibit the animal characteristics.

The suppression in human genetics will result in reduced thinking power, decreased understanding and thereby naturally supports anxiety, tiredness, stress and anger.


The energy dependent sources termed as foods have lesser implication on human due to its natural genetics are inferior to human, and which cannot change or influence a change in human nature genetics or behaviour.

“What the modern world termed it a Vegetarian is only to differentiate the food from the regular apatite”.

The word Vegetarian would have never existed, if and until the alternate food was found. The word Vegetarian need not exist at all if the science of nature is greatly understood in relation with the human continuity.

What we have been forced to eat or accept due to the civilisation advancement has actually created newer ecological, environmental and evolutionary barriers.

The irony is, if the world believes in right ecological balance to preserve for human continuity, it need not create any new formula which is way different from the original creation”.

Be with nature, and be a vegetarian.



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