We all use electronic gadgets……a lot. Let’s face it. Like it or not, technology is ruling the world. Even though it proves to be very convenient for the rapid lifestyle we all live in, it has received its share of backlashes. Making people vulnerable, exposure to unwanted things, reducing the thinking capacity of the brain, we all know how it goes. There is one more thing that usually doesn’t come into the spotlight- eye damage. Let’s get to the bottom of that ….

So, let’s start with the time you start using your smartphone; for the next 15 mins or more, your concentration is fully focused on the 4 – 6 six-inch screen, meaning that there is no effective eyeball movement. This increases the strain on your eyes gradually. So now, the eye draws support from the blood vessels, which are very thin. This eventually spreads reddishness around the retina, causing a temporary clot of blood flow.


If people continue to use smartphones without any remedial measures, this would reflect in vision impairment. After your smartphone usage, if you continue to have migraine headaches or loss of sleep, then you have been giving some serious overstrain to your eyes. Many wouldn’t know that there is a simple yoga technique that can support your vision longevity despite the regular usage of smartphones.


After a stressful usage of smartphone, do not rush over to the next job. Sit back, relax, oxygenate your whole body by regularizing your breathing pattern. Once you are comfortable with this, close your eyes, use the middle and index finger and roll it over your eyeballs. Do this for about two minutes. But remember to keep the breathing at the same pace.

Once you have completed the process of rolling the eyeballs, in step 2, heat your palms to the maximum- keeping your eyes closed- and place your palms on both the eyes and let the heat spread through your eyes completely.

Repeat the process for about three to four times.

From the stage of oxygenating your body, till spreading the warmth to your eyes, the aim of the process is to release the stress of the nerves in our eyes and also to disperse the temporary clot. This brings the eye back to the normal-see and makes it irritation-free to restore a longevity compliance.

So the whole process is simple right? The gift of being able to see things is something that shouldn’t be compromised, because, future of success is a vision based application.

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