If you are a person of this soil in Bharata Varsha (modern-day India) and were born between the 1990s and above, this specially crafted article is for you. By now, you all could have started weaving your dreams to see and experience the world from your perspective and to be in that prospering destiny.

Look around the world; there are many cultures and civilizations that have evolved over many centuries to ensure their continuity. Unfortunately, there were no records in the western civilization pre-existing beyond 6,000 years to know it a little deeper.

What makes Bharata Varsha different from all other cultures then and now?

Cultures are the first to emerge as an identity for a community of people who are very keen on carving out a society with some set of standards. Many civilizations in the past created their own cultural identity but they couldn’t ensure its continuity beyond a certain period of time. Ensuring the continuity of a culture is not easy, as there are many external factors associated with it. For example, the mental saturation of practicing individuals, the forcible migration, change in habitable situations, and invasions are a few that have diluted the values and continuity of many cultures;- you must know, a thousand-year-old culture can be destroyed just like that by any one of the factors above.

Our Bharatia culture stand tall among all civilizations due to its time-immemorial origination. This culture has withstood all potential disturbances listed above and survived to this date. What we could witness as the strength of this soil is the solidarity of this culture, which has transformed beyond its practicing values to become a DNA in everyone. This could be a clue to your understanding that, only when cultural values are practiced undilutedly over generations, then they imbibe to become a genetic model by themselves.

When this remains a core strength of this soil, then the younger ones of this country must carry that pride to call themselves Bharatia and turn to become cultural ambassadors of this country to carry it, practice, and preach wherever in the world you see those are important to establish for the betterment of the society.

The very first understanding you must get to become a cultural ambassador is that the origin of this culture is not a man-made values or not created as a rule for living or for a convenience of someone. Kindly note that the practicing values of this soil have blended with cosmology, astrophysics, celestial mechanics, and so on to become a renowned culture. Every bit of celebration and festivities on this soil dates back to several celestial events occurred way back. You have been taught only to follow this culture seamlessly to remember and register its recurrences.

The 3 basics of this culture is

  • The deeper understanding goes beyond cosmology.
  • Faith and eternity became the drivers of this culture.
  • The fundamental calendar system what prevails and practiced daily are calculated with an astronomical significance.

If you role back your time to know so far, your day did not not start just with a turn of a day or a count of a date alone. It has been imbibed with so much of values in it.

It’s time to keep your ignorance away. If you understand it deeper, you will come to know that this is the most liberal and suitable culture ever in the past, present, and future for a happy life.

Be aware, in the following years, by knowing and becoming a Bhartia you will hold a powerful cultural passport to the world for a red carpet welcome, because you will carry it with lot more values that the world would want to know.

So, just gear up for that situation to preach what you practice for the betterment of people.

Dharmasya Jaiho!



  • Good artilce. Need of the hour. Worth a read

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