Top 10 Essential Items to Be Taken while Traveling to Mountains

The peace and serenity of the majestic yet sacred mountains attract countless spiritualists, adventurers and nature lovers. In fact, sacred mountains like the Himalayas make Tibet one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for those seeking inner peace. So whether you are an adventurer, nature photographer, spiritualist or anyone desirous of heading to the mountains, there’s something you need to know. Life on the mountains is quite different due to the high altitude and you need to be prepared well in advance. So to help you do that, below listed are ten essential items that you must carry while heading to the mountains.

1.Water and electrolytes 

Make sure to carry sufficient water while travelling to the mountains. Carrying water-soluble electrolytes is also recommended. That’s because when you perspire and lose your bodily salts, you can replenish that with an immediate supply.

2. Power-packed snacks

Whether you climb the sacred placed for spiritual awareness or just for the thrill of it — don’t forget to carry your snack box. When you go trekking, always make it a point to carry some extra food and water. However, if you enjoy snacking on chocolates, do so when you get back because these could melt in your backpack and create a mess. Instead, carry some nuts and dry fruits, which can keep you energetic for long. Also, these are easy to carry.

3.Power-packed snacks

If you are someone who gets carried away by the beauty of nature then it’s recommended that you do not venture deep into unknown terrains without a compass and a map to guide you through. Even if you don’t really think you’d need them, just toss them into your backpack. You never know when this could come in handy and save the day.

4. Flashlight

Even if you plan to get back early from a short trek, consider carrying your flashlight. If you aren’t used to the mountainous regions then you should know that the sun sets early and sudden darkness takes over. Unlike on the plains, this transition is quite rapid.

5.Fire-starter kit

Now this isn’t something that you need to spend money on — just some lint from you dryer’s duct and a match or a lighter should be good enough. However, that’s only when you do not plan to spend the night camping but are carrying the fire-starter kit just in case of an emergency.

 6.First-Aid kit

This item needs no explanation, especially when you are exploring the rough mountainous terrains and there’s every possibility of bruising your knees and elbows. However, consider carrying antiseptic cream and avoid liquids.

 7.Waterproof clothing

When you head to the mountains, the climate can be quite unpredictable and although you may have spent time studying the weather forecast, you definitely must consider carrying waterproof clothing. If you don’t need it, you can always tuck that inside your backpack and stay in your moisture-wicking full-sleeve T-shirt that keeps you safe from flies and bugs.

    8.Energy Drink

You never know when you are going to need that natural extra dose of energy while exploring the mountainous wilderness. Bear in mind that this isn’t your home gym where you can make a quick protein shake. So, an easy way out is to carry along some canned energy drink, just in case you need that sudden energy boost.

    9.Trekking Poles

If you head to the mountains quite often, you may laugh at this humble equipment, but avid mountain climbing enthusiasts swear by it. This simple and humble gear gives you the necessary support while you explore rocky trails along the mountains.

   10.Sleeping bag and Tent

While you go trekking or hiking on the mountains, you may or may not plan to camp overnight but it’s worth being prepared for the uncertainties. For all you know, you may end up with a bad knee and may have to camp overnight even if you didn’t intend to. This is when the sleeping bag and tent in your backpack would help save the day.
Although the above-mentioned items may seem a little too much, these are the most essential ones that you must not ignore. So whether you are heading to the sacred mountains for spiritual enlightenment or for adventure, having these items in your bag is definitely going to help.

                                                                                                                                                                 Polly T – Sub Editor



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