Your Action To Be Fit, Fine & Healthy Life-Long (2/3)

10 Things for a Healthy  You

Panta Bhaat-

It is a natural probiotic which is excellent for a healthy gut.


1.It is hight in nutritional value and helps to strengthen the system.

2.It helps in curing gastro issues.

3.It regulates good bowel movement and cures constipation

How to prepare ?

Take 2 tsp cooked rice overnight soaked in one glass of water.

How to consume ?

Have that 2 tsp overnight soaked cooked rice along with water first thing in the morning.



Drumsticks are superfoods, one of the best foods for building immunity.


1.Very high on immunity boosting properties.

2.Excellent for diabetes, blood pressure and kidney health.

3.An incredible source of essential minerals, calcium, iron and phosphorus which helps to strengthen bones.

4.Very high on antibacterial qualities which help in avoiding infections around the throat and chest area.

How to prepare ?

Boil 6-7 pcs of finger-size cut drumsticks in normal water for 15-20 mins.

How to use to consume ?

Chew the boiled drumsticks before lunch and dinner and just intake the pulp.

Fruits –

Fruits have to be had on an empty stomach. An ideal way to start your day after Jeera water is by having seasonal fruits.


1.Adds a lot of fiber to your body.

2.Increases your energy levels.

3.Tons of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

4.Helps in bowel movement.

5.Helps in weight loss.

Correct way of eating fruits 

It means not eating fruits after your meals. Fruits should be eaten only on an empty stomach.

Jeera Pani-

It is an excellent way to detox and helps in cleansing  the entire system.


1.Cumin water is a healthy way to lose weight.

2.Excellent for gastric issues & acid reflux.

3.It helps in regulating blood pressure and lowers LDL cholesterol levels too.

4.It is a great way to get a clear and healthy looking skin.

5.To get a flat belly, you must try this wonder drink.

How to prepare ?

Add 1 tsp jeera in 1 glass of drinking water. Boil it for 10 mins. Strain and enjoy your healthy morning Jeera tea. (optional – add few drops of lemon).

How to use to consume ?

Have it as a herbal tea 2-3 times in a day.






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