How to Sweeten Up Father’s Day With a Splash of Watermelon

Honor Dad with a healthy dose of creativity and sweet treats this Father’s Day.

This idea, courtesy of the National Watermelon Promotion Board (, are guaranteed home runs-an eye-catching basket shaped like a golf ball (made from the watermelon rind) filled with sweet watermelon balls .

Golf Ball Watermelon Carving
1 small-medium very round seedless watermelon
Kitchen knife, paring knife
Cutting board, large bowl
Melon baller

Wash the watermelon under cool water, pat dry. Place melon on its side on a cutting board, cut off 1/4”-1/2” from the stem end. Don’t cut too deep into the white part of the rind. This will be a sturdy base.

Using the paring knife, cut a 3” to 4” round circle in the top of the watermelon. Use the melon baller to make shallow round divots into the rind of the watermelon to mimic the dimples in a golf ball. Next, use a kitchen knife to peel thin layers of the rind off to expose the white underneath. Don’t cut too deep, or you’ll expose the red flesh. Remove as much green as possible to resemble a white golf ball.

Hollow it out with a spoon, saving the watermelon pieces to make melon balls to use in or around the carving. Place on a tray, add melon balls and then decorate.

Pick the Perfect Watermelon
1. Look the watermelon over. Look for a firm, symmetrical melon free of bruises, cuts or dents.

2. Lift it up. The watermelon should be heavy for its size. Since watermelons are 92 percent water, most of the weight is water.

3. Turn it over. The underside should have a creamy yellow spot from where it sat on the ground and ripened in the sun.


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