Does the World have any timing sense !


We know for sure that the world follows 24 hours a day, we know for sure that the earth revolves takes 24 hours to complete a day, and we know for sure that 24 hours split between the day and night.

When every understating we have in relation to time is correct in accordance with nature,

Why should a day start at Midnight?



Our earth rotation and its time zone are defined based on Sun Rise and Set. The first time zone emerges from the first light of the sun tracked. If Japan is the land of the rising sun, then the first time zone can be fixed to start there, it may not be correct? If New Zealand is where the first time zone is set to start, then it must be the land of rising sun isn’t it? On the contrary, the Y2K’s  first test was done only in New Zealand can confirm that the time zone definitely starting right there.

It is understood that New Zealand located in the southern polar region, may not witness sun rise for the majority of the year, so we named Japan a land of the rising sun. Well received.

If the time zone can run based on the sunlight, why should the day start at Midnight?

We all know there is 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night, which is almost universal except few countries.

If this is scientifically correct, then the new day at midnight must also match the time zone of one country to perfectly match the day-night understanding.

If at all one country (or) one time zone, which can prove the above understanding correct; is it only India or the Indian subcontinent time zone.

Incredible isn’t it?



India was under British colony over 220+ years, and there were many employed in mines and mineral rich places to do excavation as part of the colonisation. The British might have to ship and report from India and can do that flawlessly only during the daylight, as there was no electricity to carry on the work at night.

The concentrated efforts of British Colonies in India forced them to set their clocks to the Indian subcontinent day time, which is nothing but a Midnight in London. When it is 6:30 am in India, then it is 12.00 Midnight in London.

So this would have been in the practice to call a new day at midnight only for the few who have a job to be done in India.

Unquestionably, what the royal hub followed is being spread to the fellow citizens and further widened to the entire world, wherever the British colony was.

Other than England there was no valid reason exists for the rest of the world to start the day at midnight; which has no significance, no correlation and no relevance.



India was a culturally rich and a traditional country, had superior scientific values practised as part of its day to day life. Despite the colonisation and other invasions, most of those values are still in practice by the majority of people. Be it a wedding, birth of a new child and all important celebrations are Star and Thithi (A Sanskrit name to call a day based on the moon transits) based. The Star and Thithi calculated perfectly with the sun rise and set. It is practised for centuries that the Day in India starts in accordance with the Sun rise perfectly balancing the daylight and night.


May we all fall in line with the superior science, from this New Year to make our life meaningful with further more understanding?

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