Significance of the ancient Oil Lamp of India


When the universe is created, planets are placed and the life on earth made; it all set to roll on a life cycle.  When the life on earth looked from a human perspective, it is understood that all orbits are circular and the planets are spherical, with this reference point, there was a necessity for mankind define sides to begin calculations to understand the science of the Universe. While defining sides, it goes deep into the arrangement of 12 constellations as depicted always in a circular form.   Our ancient civilisations were so perfect to understand the distance of the constellation, and the sun in perspective to Earth to define sides.


If we draw a square inside a circle by making every corner of the square to connect to the ring,  we get four sides, isn’t it? similarly, draw another square perpendicular to the first one to get 8 sides in a circle.  According to the ancient civilisation this 8 corner depiction in our universal understanding in very important for human life.  They have been named and called as “Ashta Dikh Balakas” (Lords of the sides)


Among those, there is 5 energy point lords, named as “Pancha Bhoothas” (Lords of 5 elements)  are considered to be the authorities for life on earth and their prosperity.


When human life is meant to get enlightened through the path of love and peace; living in prosperity suppose to be bridging the gap between them.


It is understood that life on earth made for love, peace, prosperity and fulfilment.


So How do we get there?


All our prayers and its methods are prescribed to invoke the energy system around us to enrich our lives.   As our universe functions on cellular science, we can invoke its vital energies right at our living place through the element of instrumentation which can attract those positive energies inside.


As mentioned earlier the 5 fundamental elements of life play an important role in our progressive life towards success.


Our ancient civilisations have identified 5 vital elemental energies, derived a method, depicted in a form and prescribed a way for prosperity, by enriching them.


This depiction is popularly known, understood and named as “KUTHUVILAKU”.





A “Kuthuvilakku “ is a traditional Indian lamp made of Bronze or Silver. It has a round base with a stem on top of which is a grooved circular disc with 5 nodes facing East, South East, South West, North West and North East. The East facing node is identified by aligning (by tightening) the floral top. The lamp is lit on these five nodes using Cow ghee or Gingelly Oil.




Everything around us is made of either one or all of the 5 fundamental elements of nature. The 5 elements are represented by the 5 nodes of the lamp (East-Space, South East-Fire, South West-Earth, North West-Air, North East-Water) which are placed in the corresponding direction. By lighting the lamp in these five nodes we are invoking the power of the 5 elements in our house to bring all-round prosperity.


Placement:  On the top of the lamp there will be some decorative carvings depicting a floral or a bird to know the face of the lamp.  The carved design and a node will be in a straight line to identify the face of the lamp. One must keep the face of the lamp facing East for a perfect placement to connect the rest of the sides automatically.

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