Say Goodbye to Common Cold with a Remedy as easy as Breathing.

‘Prevention is better than cure’- An age old saying that has proven to be veracious in all walks of life and righteously so. The world of medicine has had tremendous progress in post occurrence solutions, but preventive medicines are still not as popular.

Let’s start with the basics. The most commonly known viral infection is the cold. Some people get infected seasonally while others get infected due to exposure to dust and heat. The symptoms lead to discomfort in the respiratory passage- the nose, throat and lungs. If this passage is protected properly, it could save you a lot of trouble during severe monsoon times. In that context, we would like to present “Safe Care Roll on Minyak Angin Aromatherapy”. As the name suggests, it works its magic through aroma(smell). Aroma Therapy is a comprehensive treatment method that uses essential oils and natural plant extracts to ensure well-being. Safe Care makes use of fragrant oils to improve the health of the body and mind. It can give you great relief from respiratory congestions and Migraine headaches. It is also a great preventive medicine for cough and cold as well.

This product has had a positive impact on a lot of its buyers and it resonates in the feedback that they give. One of the customers had shared their first-hand experience with us.

He says I have been using this product ever since it was launched in India. I have the practice of taking head bath almost daily, which inevitably leads to dampness in the scalp and hair roots. The chillness of the water develops an inflammation around the neck, heaviness in the head and blockage in my nose at least twice a month. I did not find an allopathic alternative which was capable of treating all the three with a single medicine. I was skeptical about using this product initially but I didn’t stop because of its delightful aroma. In about six months, it has stopped the recurrence of my problems. Currently, I use it daily and its works wonders.

Secondly, sometimes during a long working day I tend to develop a migraine headache. We all know it buckles you down for the day. I have casually started using “Aroma therapy” when I start to feel the symptoms of the headache. Both in a developed migraine situation and the initial stages; this has cured my headache in less than 10 minutes.

Lastly, as the world is popularly talking about the preventive medicines of Covid-19 today, it is been made known that respiratory congestion and breathing troubles are the most common traits of the virus. My intuition says that this product could come in handy for relieving people from their breathing troubles.

I would suggest applying the liquid on the palm, rubbing it together and inhaling it; It has constantly helped me proceed with my day smoothly  .”








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