Product life-cycle longevity – A new beginning !


In today’s competitive world of business, consumer is king. Most of the companies are changing from the traditional Inside-Out approach to the Outside-In approach. The fountainhead of outside-in approach is none but only the ultimate consumer of the products. Today every business has to be highly democratic in being for the customer, of the customer and indeed, by the customer.

With the emerging global market and the influence of internet, it is essential for organizations to stay ahead by meeting the demands of the consumer who is researching for their particular needs, competitive prices, quality and information on the associated industry. Market research creates this understanding and is essentially a process of data analysis-the latest trend in business.

Durable Consumer as an interactive portal is aimed at the King of Business and armed with the essential tools for being an effective bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer. With an easy to design feature, our portal registers consumer feedback and in the process can conduct an exhaustive on line research without the expense and hassle of a third party. With the feature of online survey in Durable
Consumer, organizations can gather business intelligence and blossom to further new heights. Organizations can narrow down on their products’ life cycle management in an effective manner by synchronizing the life cycle of the market pertaining to their own industry.

With reactive feedback, consumer’s grievance addressed mechanism is achieved and with a one-to-one connection between the organization and the consumer, organizations get closer to the consumer by giving him/her a good experience that results in advocacy of the products. In the process, the consumer is lasts long with the organization befitting the name of the portal.

With proactive feedback, consumers can be part of the online research conducted by the organizations and thus the organizations gain a competitive advantage. With the elimination of the entire process of the conversion of qualitative data into quantitative data, consolidation of the research data given by the consumers and also the analysis of research by functional experts in the study of consumer behavior, our portal with a single fell stroke of online feedback (proactive) from consumers, can land precisely on the pictorial/graphical representation of consumer opinion. Management decisions can be taken at quick time. Enormous amount of cost is saved with the elimination of the cost for recruitment of research professionals, back end professionals and also the functional experts. Consumers can also be lured towards the portal by giving reward points- higher for participating in a survey and lower rewarding points for giving a feedback. New comments/suggestions/recommendations are also welcome from the consumer through the portal. Innovations can be triggered by consumers which can be suitably rewarded by the organizations down the line.

With the proliferation of e-commerce, a portal will not be full if on-line shopping feature is not available. So on-line shopping has been incorporated in our portal. Warranty and service details of the products can also be maintained in the portal resulting in effective archiving of the products.

Effective knowledge management about the latest developments in the industry of the respective organizations can also be shared with the editorial feature present in the portal. A social network on the lines of Face book or Twitter can also be maintained in the portal so that a collective opinion based on discussions between your registered consumer base is used for further development of the organizations.

In short, Durable Consumer portal simply aligns complete marketing requirements with the latest developments in information technology.




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