About Us

VP BALAJI, is the promoter of Media One Innovation Private Limited, comes with an immense amount of experience, proving his media mettle and leadership potential amply along the way. A management graduate with masters in marketing from New Hampshire University, USA, (IC) and a diploma holder in film making, and Fashion Designing. Bala started his advertising career 24 years ago, specializing in creative. Rising up the ranks by dint of dream, determination and dare, he commands considerable heed and head room in Chennai’s media industry today – be it print, television, outdoor or the social media, due to his understanding of the methods and madness of media reach and a scientific approach to its successful planning. He hews to the dictum, the media is the message.

Media One is a full-service advertising agency that believes in nailing the Big Idea right from the word go – powerful, enduring, persuasive, creatively fertile and profound enough to work across all mediums. It achieves this objective by fostering small, dedicated idea-communities within its four walls filled with young, freewheeling creative, media, account planning & servicing and market research professionals.

Media One specializes in doing due diligence to the process of selecting media time and space- including negotiation and placement- to disseminate advertising messages in order to accomplish your marketing objectives.

Right since inception we remain a full-service agency, with creative, planning, execution and servicing.