30 Health Benefits from Eating Dates

Dates are not the most appetizing looking of fruits, although they are actually really yummy! With a super sweet taste and a satisfyingly chewy texture you could be fooled into thinking you were eating a chewy candy! The date comes from the date palm which begins bearing the fruits sometime between 3 and 5 years in their development and growth, becoming fully matured at around 12 years.

Dates are popularly used in many different ways across the globe. Uses for dates include: date paste for baking products, date vinegar, date chutney, flavorings and even roasted whole date seeds.

Our List of 30 Health Benefits Caused by Consuming Dates Regularly.

Dates are a fantastic healthy food to treat yourself to every now and then, enjoying those natural sugars with much less guilt compared to a chocolate cake or ice cream sundae! However, there are certain benefits they can provide for you when consumed regularly… read on to find out more.

Relieve Constipation.

Dates can be categorized as a food used for relieving constipation due to their usefulness in so many individuals, not to mention the high dietary fibre contents. Fibre is important for the best digestive functioning possible, allowing for the best functioning of your digestive tract.

It has been theorized that to get the most laxative-like effect from consuming dates you should soak them in water overnight. The next morning these soaked dates should be very syrupy. Consume both the water the dates were soaked in and the fruit itself, you should then within the next few hours begin to feel some effects. Repeat this method until you see improvement in the quality of your bowel movements and the frequency of them also.

Improve Bone Health and Strength.

Dates have significant amounts of minerals inside them, making the fruit a fantastic super food for strengthening the bones. Not only do the minerals present inside the date strengthen the bones, they also help to ward off painful diseases such as osteoporosis.

Healthy bones is especially important the older you get. Therefore, it is recommended older individuals consume around 1-2 dates each and every day at least.

Aids in Treating Intestinal Disorders.

The surprising nicotine content found in the date can be extremely useful in curing many kinds of intestinal issues and disorders. Frequent consumption of the date can therefore help to discourage the growth of any pathogens in the intestines, as well as encourage the growth of many friendly bacterias. Not only do dates help the ratio of harmful and helpful bacteria in the intestines, they also improve the overall digestive tracts functioning allowing for the efficient absorption of all nutrients consumed.

A Great Energy Boost.

Dates are brilliantly high in natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose giving them a super tasty and sweet taste. Not only do they make a perfect snack for when you’re craving a sweet treat, they also help to provide an immediate burst of energy and wakefulness. Dates would make the perfect afternoon snack when beginning to feel slightly sluggish or tired!

Improves sexual stamina (according to some studies).

Studies have shown that consuming dates can actually be beneficial for improving a person’s sexual stamina in the bedroom. The date orientated concoction targeted especially for this issue is as follows:

  • Soak a handful of dates in fresh goat’s milk overnight.
  • Once soaked, grind the dates within the milk including cardamon powder and honey too creating a paste.
  • Consume the mixture entirely, enjoying as you do!

Note: If you do not like the mixture simply on it’s own try pouring over some plain greek yoghurt for the perfect healthy but sweet treat.






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