The Invisible Salesman -1.1

Communication is the language of survival for the human. Right since the life started, human were in need of communication solutions. There was a time where humans have used only “Samikchas” (an action based communication technique used in absence of a language) to communicate to others, then tried forming the sounds together to communicate as a language. As they familiarised the language, they used it for various applications.   Advertising is the one among those communication techniques adapted since the ancient times until, today.   Advertising, Public Relations and relationship management are few major diversified fields of communications.  Early days it was put in place to spread the message of the King/Kingdom to the public by employing the town-criers.  Eventually, communication succeeded as a public relation tool, where there is no necessity for advertisement.   The necessity for communication in the form of advertising has emerged when the commerce took place between places.  Advertising communication has gone through various faces over the years and remains as the saviour for commerce today. There is nothing helps the product to sell as good as advertising, that’s why I proud to name it as the “Invisible Salesman”.


“Advertising is nothing but a message about a product or service is communicated in a highlighted form through the print & electronic medium”


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